Feeling overwhelmed day-to-day and think a more creative lifestyle would solve all your problems?


Today our lives are so focused on meeting objectives and fulfilling expectations. We're constantly feeling overwhelmed and hurried through each activity in our day - it’s no surprise these feelings start to influence and sabotage our creative practices too. (I don't have time for that today...)


Do you remember when you made time to create something just for fun - and it felt GOOD?


I'm Catherine Ruddell and I help frustrated creatives (usually aspiring artists!) slow down and start feeling better!

Catherine Ruddell

I believe our creative needs (like self-expression) ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT as our basic needs (like good food & enough sleep). You don't need a huge chunk of time or the ability to finish a masterpiece for being creative to feel good. I've been working hard creatively for most of my adult life (read my full story here!)

But my goal now is to express my creativity easily and with joy - 



 I feel most connected to my creative self when I:


Drawing is one of the harder things for me to sit and practice, but I now realize why it is so important for me to make space for it. I don't have to draw anything fancy or elaborate, it just requires that I relax, focus, and stay present - all VERY good things...

Learn about my favorite drawing Tips & tools here!

Writing thoughts on a page is one of the most therapeutic habits you can cultivate. You don't have to feel particularly creative, and you don't even have to make any sense. Get those thoughts out of your head and onto the page and see what comes up for you...

Easy journal prompts to get you writing - right now!

One of the most fascinating things in this world is to notice the little things growing all around us, no matter what... rain or shine! Growing a garden and caring for my flowers and vegetables has taught me many lessons about my own growth & resilience...

Grow your own veggies - I'll show you how!


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