creative play and self-expression can infuse your life with meaning and purpose again -

I can teach you how!

Beginner Block Print ECOURSE

Block Print ECourse

 Are you desperate to unblock your creativity and need to take action pronto? Sign up for my online course - you can log in and learn from your home when it suits your schedule. With seven lesson and full video instruction I teach you how to draw, carve and create your own blocks for printing!

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Unblock Workshops Catherine Ruddell

UNblock Workshops

Have you neglected your self-expression and feel creatively blocked? I teach women like you how to experiment and play through the medium of block printing. Group workshops are the best way to release the frustration and reconnect with yourself, your friends or coworkers

Contact me to schedule a WORKSHOP! 

Custom Logo Blocks Catherine Ruddell

Custom Logo Blocks

 Feeling your creative flow, but still want to order a custom carved block to use for your own printing purposes? I specialize in medium sized logo blocks for artists, makers and other small businesses to personalize their paper bags and packaging materials for market events.

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Hi I'm Catherine Ruddell! I'm a textile artist & surface pattern designer who loves to teach others how to make & create too!


I believe our creative needs (like self-expression) ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT as our basic needs (like good food & enough sleep).

I've learned from experience that developing a healthy creative mindset is far more valuable than fancy art supplies or huge chunks of free time.

This new mindset - of thinking about and viewing the world from a creative perspective - allows me to feel the way I want to feel everyday - connected and content.

I also believe we find personal meaning and fulfillment when we honor our creative spirit with action - and happy, healthy & creative humans are a force for good in this world - amiright?