Creatively Sustained is a community for frustrated wannabe artists where they can learn how to draw, carve, create – AND help make the world a better place! Sounds fun right?!

This project evolved out of my own personal experience as a creative, entrepreneurial seeker. I’ve had my share of J-O-B’s where work felt flat and I didn't feel creatively inspired or like I was making a difference in the world.

So I quit the desk job and spent many months painting and sewing and many more weekends selling my stuff at crafts markets, trying to feel fulfilled. But my creative work still lacked meaning and purpose. I had created myself another job as a one-woman sweatshop, not the engaging and planet saving career that I really wanted.

It wasn’t until I used my own voice to talk about the things that were important to me – with meaning and impact through art – that things started to click.

Now I’ve got a sustainable and creative business to build, where I can help others make a difference in the world too - by exploring their own creativity, while getting involved in ideas like food security and sustainable living.

Make fun things AND change the world - one drawn, carved and hand created item at a time.


I'm Catherine Ruddell and I help frustrated creatives (who care about the planet!) start creating from the heart for change!

Catherine Ruddell

I believe our creative needs (like self-expression) ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT as our basic needs (like good food & enough sleep). You don't need a huge chunk of time or the ability to finish a masterpiece for making something - to feel good! I've been working hard creatively for most of my adult life.

But I've also struggled to find a balance between wanting to create BIG impact in the world - while reducing my carbon footprint.

I realized that solutions to big issues like climate change do exist in small actions - we can consume less and make things with more heart.

That's also why I'm contributing a portion of all my proceeds to organizations I believe in. Like NEAT - a local non-profit in my community and their Seeds of Change program. The money donated helps plant garden beds at local schools so that kids who need food have access to it. Love it!

I'm also a huge proponent of sustainable design and the ability to conserve massive amounts of energy by building better homes and commercial spaces. I lived in a demonstration Passive House (with my partner) for over a year. We were able to enjoy it ourselves and then tell people who toured it - just how comfortable it was! So I'd like to keep promoting innovation and positive change in the built environment through my own work as well.

So by being creative - you and I really CAN help change the world.

My goal now is to help others express their own creativity easily and with joy - 



I feel most connected to my creative self when I...


Drawing is one of the most simple ways to express your ideas creatively, and now I realize why it is so important for me to make space for it. I don't have to draw anything fancy or elaborate, and the benefit is that it helps me relax, focus, and stay present - all VERY good things...

Learn about my favorite drawing Tips & tools here!


Carving rubber blocks turns your original drawings into reusable printing tools that bring your ideas to LIFE! When you follow your own lines and carve into a flat chunk of rubber - your marks create an image with movement and real dimension, on a block that is uniquely YOURS

Find easy ways you can get carving today!


Once you have some original blocks carved - there's no limit to the fun things you can blockprint. Use stamp pads to print onto paper goods, use inks or paint to make your own printed textiles - you can even learn how to sew simple projects after that.

Start making fun things right now- I'll show you how!


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