About Catherine Ruddell

I believe our creative needs (like self-expression) ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT as our basic needs (like good food & enough sleep). You don't need a huge chunk of time, fancy art supplies, or master skills to feel creative - or to feel good!

Creatively Sustained has evolved from my own personal experiences as a creative, entrepreneurial seeker. I've been working hard creatively for most of my adult life.

I’ve had my share of J-O-B’s where work felt flat. Whether I was a Fashion Designer or an HSE Administrator - I just didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything meaningful at the end of my day.

Eventually I quit my cushy boring job to pursue my dream of working from home as an artist, and while I secured a lot of well paid commission work, I felt incredibly lonely and isolated.

So I jumped back into a social setting and managed a cafe in the heart of my city for 5 happy, hard working years. I also developed a new creative mindset, that has impacted all areas of my life in the most profound way.

Creativity is inside of me and all around me. I will never lose it, but sometimes I may lose sight of it.

So I make simple, daily creative practice a priority. Now, the act of creating - the process - is where the real magic happens. Even ten minutes of creative activity can positively impact the rest of my day.

This new mindset - of thinking, doing, and seeing the world from a creative perspective - allows me to feel the way I want to feel everyday - happy, joyful, & fulfilled.

I know you want to feel that way too - we all do. So here it is - Creatively Sustained - you CAN live your best creative life too.