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I’ve landed (and also left) a few really awesome jobs in my quest for the perfect creative career:

fashion designer, interior decorator, fine artist, craft marketer, yoga teacher, small business manager…

But to tell you the truth - the one thing these flashy jobs all had in common - was their ability to take my beloved hobbies and personal interests and squash them one by one with their schedules and deadlines and expectations.

It has taken me the better part of 10 years to realize that what I really want to do is create things for MYSELF-

because it makes me feel good

I might have it entirely ass backwards from the rest of the creatives in this world, but it’s actually REALLY HARD for me to create for the pure joy of the process and not get hung up on the finished product and how to turn it into a business or sell it to somebody. (thanks to careers mentioned above that demanded just that from my time and efforts)

And if I'm gonna be really frank, it took years of examining each of these so called professional failures/disappointments, to realize the glaringly obvious -  that I've been terrible at putting my own needs and desires at the top of my priority list for a LONG time. Sound familiar?


So creatively sustained is here to help me do just that:


To create for myself - and share my process with you.


It's a commitment to my own creative practice.


I no longer want to regret or resent the fact that I'm not making the time for the things I REALLY want to do, especially when I know they make me happy and I feel more fulfilled and connected to my personal journey when I do them. It is a reminder to myself that it is ENOUGH to just do it, and I am WORTHY of the gifts creating brings.


This website is my commitment to my own voice.


I have struggled to make daily practices stick - and I think many other people do too - whether it's doing yoga, writing in my journal or even cooking dinner (hello take-out?)

One of my real desires is to share my voice. I feel like I have a unique perspective on the topic of creative living because I have tried SO MANY different things in my search for the lifestyle that suits me. And what I've learned is I have to trust myself to know what will work for ME, and in order to build that trust I have to consistently foster a connection to my inner self. I have wanted a place for my story to live for a long time - so that it's available to people who are also searching to try new things out for themselves. My story will be told here on Creatively Sustained. 

Exercising and sharing my creativity is now one of my highest priorities, and I hope to show other frustrated creatives (maybe you?) that there are actually many different and relatively simple ways you can express yourself and feel more creatively fulfilled in your life -

every. single. day.

Yes I still have a J-O-B and I really love it. But I no longer expect it to fulfill ALL my creative needs. It's the actual act of pen, pencil, or color to paper - that's what I'm after here. Or maybe it's feet on the yoga mat for breath and movement, or hands in the garden or the kitchen to make a wonderful meal.

You see, engaging in these activities on a regular basis helped me realize how good they are for me, like holistically (mind/body/spirit.) I am a more calm and sane person when I make time for the little things in my life. I dare say it's the closest "work/life/balance" feeling that I've ever experienced too.

In order for these things to happen - I HAVE TO SLOW DOWN and MAKE TIME for them in my day. Ever since I started making the time my hectic life has started to feel a lot more manageable - and ultimately more sustainable - for ME.


Incorporating creative practice into your day might make your life feel more sustainable to.


Either way, I encourage you to follow along to learn more, and definitely challenge yourself to join me if personal creative practice is something that's fallen to the bottom of your priority list too.


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