Living "on display" in a Passive House

Did you know we live in the most northern certified Passive House in all of North America?!! Did you know it's also been recognized as a "highly commendable educational opportunity" as the Regional Winner at the 2016 Canadian Green Building Awards!? How cool is that...

Canadian Green Building Award Winner

A passive house is a standard for energy efficiency – where homes have been designed to use very little energy, therefore costing homeowners less money to operate them and reducing the overall impact that home has on the environment through energy conservation. They are also bright, warm and very comfortable to live in, making them an ideal home for a northern climate.

We currently live in this demonstration home built by our City of Fort St. John. Living in a region with a resource based economy - where most of our friends and family work in the oil, gas, and hydro-electric dam building industries - the residents of Fort St John know where their energy comes from, and the impacts that come along with it. The City built this house to demonstrate that conservation is a very important form of energy too. If passive house allows us to build a more comfortable and energy efficient home, then we should.

 Local newspaper clipping - we are great tour guides! #cityfsjpassivehouse

Local newspaper clipping - we are great tour guides! #cityfsjpassivehouse

As caretakers, my partner Paul and I are living our lives as we normally would, so that data on energy consumption can be gathered during the homes first year of operation/habitation; as well we assist the City with public open houses and group tours, as well as speaking with the media about the project.

 Comment board from public tours - everyone agrees PH is bright and cozy!

Comment board from public tours - everyone agrees PH is bright and cozy!

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