Artist for Social Change & Passive House Advocate


I am a printmaker creating visual content for Passive House architects, builders and owners.


Passive House Print

I can help position your firm as an expert on the leading edge of the Passive House standard - and rise above the growing sea of 'shadow' builders.


Living on Display

I'm more than your average content creator, I'm a committed conservation educator and advocate for the high performance building industry in North America.


Weekly Dispatches

Our culture is increasingly visual, seeking connection & meaning. I believe storytelling - and data - can engage a greater audience and help move this industry forward.

 Proud to Support #buildbetterfeelbetter

Proud to Support #buildbetterfeelbetter


Effectively communicate your design & build story and gain the credibility your project deserves.


Content Creation & Commissions


About Catherine Ruddell

A background in design and an interest in sustainability issues led me to the passive house standard, and the unique opportunity to live in a demonstration home, where I was a project ambassador, facilitated public tours, AND completed an artist residency.

My professional career has provided me a unique perspective and knowledge in the areas of small business management, creative marketing, community development and sustainability - all of which influence my personal work as an artist and designer.