Making a Dream or Vision Board

There's been some really fun events happening at the Whole Wheat & Honey Cafe lately - and one of them is Vinyasa and Vino. Once a month since June, Candace Soderberg has been leading participants through a yoga class, and afterwards participants just get to chill over a beverage. No hurry to leave or be anywhere else.

Well this month it is happening again, and turns out I am also in the process of moving houses. In preparation for packing my belongings up - I cleared out my book case and there were a ton of wonderful magazines I have loved flipping through, but no longer need nor want to take with me. There are beautiful images in all of them (there's a Kinfolk or two in the stack, as well as a couple of issues of Where Women Create) so I offered to bring them to the next Vinyasa and Vino so that yogi's could participate in making dream boards as a fun activity after the yoga class.

Fitting enough, I still have my vision board that I completed two years ago as part of my final assignments during my 200-hr YTT at Blacksmith Yoga Community. I thought I would go over how I made the board and what the images represent as an example for anyone interested in making a board for themselves on their own time. 

The purpose of making or having a dream or vision board is to remind yourself of the things you want to bring into your life. Those won't always be actual physical things - they might be ideas or feelings or representations of what you value most. I find by creating a dream board, and keeping it somewhere I can see it everyday - it helps me affirm that I am on the right track in life. Some days it's hard to convince yourself that you are making progress towards your goals, but to have a quick visual to remind you what is important can mean you go to sleep at night knowing you can try again tomorrow, and that you actually DO know where you want to go, and how you want to feel in this life.

Example of a Dream Board

Example of a Dream Board

Let's examine the board I made - we will start at the top of the clock and work our way around the hour :)

12 o'clock:  Live Your Yoga/Life is a Beautiful Ride. These words and images remind me of staying active and physical fitness. I have completed yoga teacher training, and my decision to sign up for it was not to become a teacher right away, but to learn more about the philosophy of yoga AND to learn how to make time for myself to recuperate from daily life, lol. I have managed a small business for 4 years, and about 2 years into it I was a bit desperate for some self care. Immersing myself in meditation and the 8 limbs of yoga really helped me determine that physical activity for me is about holistic well being. I am very much an advocate that mind/body/spirit are equally important - we need to be physically AND mentally well in order to life a full life. The bike image, and "life is a beautiful ride" represent my love of biking, but also triathlon training. I have completed two triathlons individually and one as part of a team. I never considered myself a competitive person but triathlon was something I signed up for on a whim and ended up really enjoying. It challenged my idea of the type of person I was. Creative/artsy types don't always identify as hardcore racing types - but I loved the variety of swim/bike/run and stretching (yoga!) that made up my training activities. And community races are a really fun way to set a goal for yourself and challenge your own abilities with a bit of a deadline - race day!

2 o'clock: "Maybe this is how we are meant to be - with few possessions and a small space around us." These images represent my house and home philosophy. They are beautiful looking spaces with bright light, color, organization and a few cherished possessions. My partner and I both have skills and interests in construction and building. We have built a new single family home, a cafe, a complete reno of an older home, and also in the process of building a shop with a suite on one acre. To say the least, we like to create new spaces and that usually involves packing and then moving all of your worldly goods around with you. That is a LOT of work, and I am getting better of releasing my attachments to 'stuff' and 'things.' Slowly, I am starting to feel a bit lighter. We've also lived in a 1 bedroom condo, and a 2400 sq ft house - and realized you can and will adapt to the amount of space you have around you. We both agree that we really don't need a large house to create the kind of home we both desire. Sunlight, cheerful color, and a proper way to organize and store our belongings are what will always make our house feel like home.

4 o'clock: "The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes" I am a big gardener, and one of the reasons why is because I am always in a state of wonder and amazement when I am growing something. Some might think the reward of growing your own garden is that you get free food. But for me the biggest reward is the connection it creates between me and nature. It makes me sad that some kids don't want to go outside to play, or get dirty or pick bugs. Some kids think that tomatoes come from the grocery store. I feel like growing a garden is one of the most direct ways that people can recognize that we are actually part of a larger living community - we are no different than the creatures working IN the soil - working hard to feed and shelter and care for those around us. You start to appreciate the fact that this planet supports YOU with it's abundance - whether you grow it yourself or buy it at the farmers market or the grocery store - this earth is a bit of a miracle in how it sustains us - and we shouldn't take it for granted!

6 o'clock: Ladies around a fire pit. I loved this image when I found it, and i put it on my board even though my boyfriend asked me if it meant I wanted to hang out with senior citizens more, lol! Yes, the women on the left is a bit older, but what this represents for me is the act of communing with other women in simple ways. Like around a fire pit. Or any other way you like to hang out with your girlfriends - I find that when life gets busy I don't make the time to see the women in my life as much as really NEED to. They give me vital energy and make me feel alive just by being in their presence - and our ability to laugh and enjoy our time together feels like treat every time.

7 o'clock/middle: "Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures" LOVE, and a photo of my partner and I. These three images remind me that the love I share with my partner is one of the most important things in my life. And what I love most about our connection to each other, is that it is strengthened by our love of being outdoors together. We like to walk outside after dinner and we like to book vacations where we explore places outdoors we haven't seen before. And when we spend times like these together - we usually end up figuring out what we will do next with our life, or realizing that where we are in life at the moment is probably right where we need to be. I challenge myself to be open to new adventures with my partner - whether they are a life change like going back to school or moving cities, or just hiking a physical mountain - we can do it together. 

8 o'clock: Dinner plate full of vegetables: so I've told you that I think gardening is wonderful, but don't let this image fool you into thinking I'm a vegetarian or that I don't eat things that maybe I shouldn't. What I love about this image is that it looks delicious and abundant and colorful and nourishing. I feel *feelings* for this dinner plate that I have never felt when looking at a steak or a hamburger, lol. SO I guess this image is a reminder that food can make you feel excited to eat it, and we could ALL use some more veggies in our life (with goat cheese - yum!)

10 o'clock: "The sky is the limit" This is a pretty little greeting card on it's own, with a nice quote. But it is attached to a larger story and that is why it made it on my board. I actually met the women who OWNS this company and produces these cards when I was on an art retreat a number of years ago. She started a greeting card company as a twenty something single mother, and with the support of her own mother over the last decade or so - they've grown this into a large gift ware and retail company selling any number of beautiful things. It reminds me that no matter where you are starting from you can make a living through your creative gifts, which is what I am going to do too.

11 o'clock - blues skies and another quote "Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future... A day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for." This, really, is to remind me and my partner that normal people don't WORK on Sundays. When we have construction projects on the go we tend to work evenings and weekends on our projects - but if at all possible even WE need a break. So we love to have long coffee and brunch on sunday, preferably with an actual paper newspaper. It doesn't always happen, but again, having it on my board reminds me that it is important