Uppercase Magazine & Creative Momentum Monday!

Catherine Ruddell Tuxedo Cat Pattern

I've been doing a bit of re-alignment this week, working to a more well defined daily/weekly schedule in order to stay on track with my goals for the year. (I explained this in a bit more detail to the Creatively Sustained Community in this week's email update - you should join us!)
In order to start the week off on the right foot, I am dedicating my Monday's to be a full day of art and creative play. I woke up feeling so excited and ready to get started - I surprised myself with how much I accomplished, and just how fun it was! (Duh!)

So far this year I haven't planned my 'play' time - and until you really schedule it down on paper, tasks and time remain up for debate. So I have found myself in the poor habit of getting to the end of the week and trying to pull something creative off or cram in a bit of less-than-inspired making before Friday afternoon comes.

First off, lets take a look at where this momentum idea really started - last week I got my hands on a copy of the brand new Uppercase Magazine - Issue #33 with my beautiful little submission inside. Can I tell you how lovely it is to know that my words were chosen to be in the creative responsibility feature? So near and dear to my creatively sustained heart!

Uppercase is such a wonderful magazine for curious and creative people like you and me - it comes out quarterly, and I would encourage you to subscribe to it, it is a hidden GEM worth every penny!

I would also encourage you, if you are a practicing artist or creative, to take a tour of their website for current call for submissions, or other ways to participate in the magazine. (That's how I got in those pages - I submitted my story and photo to a call on the topic!) There is also a great weekly newsletter that profiles artists work, as well as highlights from the author/publisher Janine Vangool's other projects.

One of these project highlights - a second volume of quilt fabrics designed by Janine for Uppercase - will be printed and released by Windham Fabrics this fall. As part of her promotion of this fabric line, she made a printable PDF sheet with the designs on them, to be used to create your very own paper quilt blocks.

I printed them out, thinking it would be a fun way to start my Creative Momentum Monday, but some of the colors didn't print out properly for me, and I had solid color blocks without the lovely Uppercase patterns on them.

This was actually, a really perfect happenstance, as instead of working entirely with someone else' imagery, I was inspired to incorporate some of my own images onto the page, and not waste the perfectly colorful paper and ink already in front of me (creative responsibility in action!)

So in further sharing my new free course - Feed Your Creativity (that also gets a shout out in the magazine, again, through my own submission!) I decided to carve some of my Pet Project characters onto rubber stamps (above left), and stamp them on top of the improper print outs (above right)

*Note: Uppercase has since corrected the files and they print out perfectly now!

I carved Rose the Cat, Beatrix the Rooster, Zig Zag & Leif (I include plants, because that's all I have for pets myself!)

It was such a fun way to start the week - I really do feel propelled to move forward with momentum and enthusiasm, rather than hesitation or overwhelm at the tasks ahead of me this week. And just wait and see what I do with these patterns next!

If you'd like to sign up for my creativity course for free you can do that here